Cloughmore, Achill Island, County Mayo Coastline

I returned to Ireland last summer (2018) to see some of the things I missed in my grand tour of the the island the previous summer. The place is virtually inexhaustible, however. I was planning to see Connemara National Park, after spending the night in a small town in County Mayo, but flipping through my Rough Guide to Ireland, I discovered Achill Island, a fabulous collection of unspoiled beaches, with some spectacular rocks, a mountain you can drive up to catch the view, and a Deserted Village from the days of the famine. This drone video is from our first stop, at Cloughmore, due south from the short bridge that links the island to the mainland. I was struck by a grassy meadow I saw on a small island in the bay called Achillbeg, that had four sheep on it. I had no idea how they got there. The drone went over for a closer look. The large Clew bay is in the background. Afterwards, the drone examined a small rocky cove.

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