If you’re a Photographer

EARTHFORMS uses geological photography to open new domains of beauty and creativity in landscape photography. PUTTING THE “WOW’ INTO YOUR LANDSCAPES is the “how-to” book that shows you the way to do this in your own photography, namely…

  • how to look for abstract and figural formations, plus patterns, strata, and textures in STRONG GEOLOGICAL SUBJECTS that appear as natural sculptures or flat, narrow-field surfaces (“miniscapes”)
  • how to find AMAZING DESTINATIONS with Instagram and Pinterest and PLAN YOUR TRAVEL most efficiently
  • how to process your geological and other images to bring out their richest and most evocative VISUAL POWER
  • where to FIND INSPIRATION from master photographers on the web and in selected photo books
  • how to EXPAND YOUR VISION through non-photographic art
  • how to REFINE YOUR TECHNIQUE to get the most out of any location

And if you’re just starting out, it also includes

  • a BASIC PRIMER on photographing landscapes

The second half of the book provides

  • an ANALYSIS OF EVERY ONE OF THE 121 IMAGES in EARTHFORMS to get you into the habit of
    deeper seeing.
  • 173 pages, 85 unique illustrative photos NOT in EARTHFORMS + all 121 photos in EARTHFORMS analyzed

list: $27.95 your price: $13.99.

Look Inside Putting The “WOW” Into Your Landscapes

Joel Simpson provides a concise and essential guide to capturing the grandeur and character of the earth’s most spectacular natural wonders… [This book] enables readers not merely to better record what they see but more importantly to transform how they see. [It] offers a roadmap toward framing a more personal vision.

Lyle Rexer, photo critic, author of The Critical Eye: 15 Pictures to Understand Photography, The Edge of Vision:
               The Rise of Abstractuion in Photography, and other books.

Joel Simpson has created an excellent how-to book to guide landscape photographers along the trail that he blazed in his breakthrough book of geological photography, Earthforms….This eBook will seriously open up new vistas of creativity for photographers who love landscapes.

Harvey Stein, Photographer, Teacher, Lecturer, Author and Curator, faculty member at the
               International Center for Photography (New York)