Earth Forms


Intimate Portraits of Our Planet

The list price of Earthforms has been lowered through the end of the year to $25. If you order from this site, you’ll get a signed copy for $25 plus tax and shipping & handling, which comes to $33 in the US. You can also order it on Amazon, postpaid for $29.95. There’s even an eBook on Amazon for $9.99 (but the images are much smaller).

168 pages, 11×11 inches, full color, 123 images of geological photography, plus 12 auxiliary photographs, with essays by Daniel Sheehan, Lyle Rexer, John Farnham, Chase Iron Eyes, and the author/photographer. With a geological time-scale featuring the page numbers of the subjects of the photographs in their chronological place, an Index of Locations, and substantial captions/descriptions that account for the geological history of each location. Web-order price through December 31, 2019: $25, plus $1.65 tax and $6.34 shipping & handling(3.5 lbs)=$33.