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I started collecting landscape art books in the 1990s, when I finally began to realize that photographing landscapes involved more than just standing in front of a breathtaking vista, pointing and shooting. By then I had gotten my education, traveled to Europe photographing mostly city scenes and people, taught at a university, and, living in New Orleans, embarked on a jazz piano career. But I eventually came to admit that I earned money largely to support my photographic habit. I bought David Muench’s magnificent Ancient America in the late 90s. There are no people in these photographs (although there are plenty of ruins and petroglyphs), so naturally this tended to be more of a geology landscape book, with three of its seven sections devoted to “Earth,” “Rock,” and “Water” (including ice, the other ones being “Light,” “Trees,” “Ruins,.” and “Growth’).

Earth Forms

The Book

Earthforms Intimate Portraits of Our Planet

The list price of Earthforms has been lowered through the end of the year to $25. If you order from this site, you’ll get a signed copy for $25 plus tax and shipping & handling, which comes to $33 in the US. You can also order it on Amazon, postpaid for $29.95. There’s even an eBook on Amazon for $9.99 (but the images are much smaller).

168 pages, 11×11 inches, full color, 123 images of geological photography, plus 12 auxiliary photographs, with essays by Daniel Sheehan, Lyle Rexer, John Farnham, Chase Iron Eyes, and the author/photographer. With a geological time-scale featuring the page numbers of the subjects of the photographs in their chronological place, an Index of Locations, and substantial captions/descriptions that account for the geological history of each location. Web-order price through December 31, 2019: $25, plus $1.65 tax and $6.34 shipping & handling(3.5 lbs)=$33.

Look Inside

Samples of Earthforms

Inside front cover plus forty-two sample pages out of the 168 in the book. Click on any spread to enlarge it, or start from the first one and click through in order.

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