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Joel Simpson seems like he

Joel Simpson seems like he was born with a camera around his neck since he is a naturally highly skilled photographer. He sees things that most people do not see when looking at the same scene. This book takes one to many beautiful and unusual places around the world, most of which few of us will ever be able see in person. He brings a new and unique perpective to planet earth and once you view his art your own perspective will be enriched and enhanced and will never be the same again.

Hal Crane
March 22, 2021

Joel Simpson’s work both surprises

Joel Simpson’s work both surprises and delights. He truly immerses the viewer in the majesty of the earth, providing his unique persepctive to the various formations and vistas. I value his work even more in this dystopian period where I have no access to nature. I would recommend this book as a beautiful gift for anyone on your list.

Lynn Nezin
February 24, 2021

_Earthforms_ is not just a

_Earthforms_ is not just a book, it is an adventure! Perusing its colorful pages provides the vicarious (armchair traveler) thrill of “being there.”

Few of us will ever get to travel as far and wide as has intrepid explorer/documentarist Joel Simpson. His vast expeditions to remote corners around the world are stunningly captured in printed photographs with the sharp eye of an talented artist. The detailed and insightful descriptions of his fascinating geological subjects expose the sharing, passionate nature of a lifelong educator.

_Earthforms: Intimate Portraits of our Planet_ by Joel Simpson would be a wonderful addition to any coffee-table collection of art books. It is especially suitable as a gift to lovers of travel, of Nature, of science, and of course to those interested in art and photography.

David Derex
February 24, 2021

I’ve been giving this book

I’ve been giving this book as a gift for friends – and they love it! I could stare at the photos for hours – Joel’s work brings out the beauty of the rhythm and texture of the earth. Makes you glad to be alive!

Joy Rosenthal
February 24, 2021

Joel Simpson’s EARTHFORMS – Intimate

Joel Simpson’s EARTHFORMS: Intimate Portraits of our Planet is without a doubt a spectacular book of photography. The images are stunning, and I have now seen some of natural phenomena I never even knew existed. Looking at #58-59 Mono Lake, it’s as if I am transported right there, to a strange and far away landscape. Looking at others like #83 Swerving Square, I am filled with astonishment by the beauty of our Planet. There is not a photo in this book that doesn’t deserve comments.
On top of the visual beauty, there is also a deeper spirituality that calls out from its pages. By dedicating this book to, and telling the story of the Water Protectors of Standing Rock, North Dakota, the reader becomes part of this vital campaign to protect the integrity of our land.
And if visual enthrallment and spiritual-socio-political attractions are not enough, this book is also one for the geologist. In addition to the twelve pages of captions at the end, Joel places each photo on a geological time scale, located inside the front cover.
This book has something for almost everybody. Definitely recommended!

Deborah Lee
February 20, 2021

“New” and “original “ are

“New” and “original “ are overused terms. However, Joel Simpsons’s artistic collection of dramatic and wide-ranging photographs, taken with an eye both eagle-like and carefully creative, deserves both adjectives and more. Suitable for casual viewing, holding a place on a coffee table, discussing the beauties of nature with a child, or doing an intense study of the awesome formations Simpson has traveled the world to view and photograph, this book is a wonder. As a bonus, he includes informative and well-written essays for further enlightenment about his subjects. An impressive and inspiring work.

Barbara Scofield
February 9, 2021

I bought your book at

I bought your book at full price when you first published it, but I don’t regret it. It’s worth every penny. Extraordinary images that I have looked at again and again, seeing new revelations every time. As an artist, I thank you for sharing your art.

Florence Weisz
February 10, 2021

This book is a work of art!!

This book is a work of art and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Vadym Akitsa
February 2, 2021

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